Let's Be Honest. You Want it. And You Want It BAD.

To throw off the shackles of your current job and finally launch that startup or solopreneurship you've dreamt of forever. To seize the sweet freedoms and possibilities you sense all around you. To finally have the courage to rise up and create the type of life that YOU want! All of which will make everything in your world just insanely awesome!



Despite knowing exactly what the hell you want, desire and crave with every ounce of your damned soul, you're still just sitting here - frozen at the very brink of greatness! Paralyzed with doubt. Unable to take that big leap. Forcing me to finally throw up my hands. Then sit the hell down. And crank out “The Kick in the Ass You Need.”

A book you now have no other choice but to buy, read – and use to realize your dreams – TODAY!

Here's Why!
Because whether you realize it or not, you're in danger of missing out on The Greatest Opportunity in Human History! Seriously! And do you know what that is? Of course you don’t! Which is why you’ve got to buy the book!
Here's When!
Sheesh! Now! Not only have you been itching to do this for years – every day you wait only increases the chances you’ll be downsized, outsourced or replaced by a robot! Want to know why? Well, I’m not gonna tell you unless you buy the book!
Here's How!
In addition to kicking your ass as promised, this book will give you real-world advice as to how you can transition to the startup or solopreneur career you know you deserve. So…why are you still reading this? Go buy it. LIKE, NOW!
# of Reasons Why You Shouldn't Start Your Own Business.
# of People Who Will Try To Talk You Out Of It.
# of People Who Actually Can.

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Any time you want. Any way you like. For any reason that happens to strike you. Look, you have a world out there you need to conquer. You can’t let anything hold you back. So go ahead and shoot me an email at bt@lyngandassociates.com. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it’s free.

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