Bryan T. Lyng was once employed by some of the largest corporations in the world.

For more than 10 years, he followed their rules, contributed to their pot-lucks – and worked to gain their trust. Until one day, when no one was looking:

He escaped.

Since then, he has lived a shadowy existence as an award-winning writer and unapologetic evangelist for the global startup revolution. Founder of the digital Marketing Communications agency, Lyng & Associates, he has helped more than 130 clients kick some proverbial ass throughout their respective industries.

His efforts have helped his clients achieve record sales, secure boatloads of VC funding – and even come back from the dead. Oh – and in his spare time, he also serves as guest lecturer for the University of Southern California’s Lloyd Grief School for entrepreneurial studies. No, seriously.

But, perhaps most rewarding of all, he has also worked as a personal consultant to countless individuals who have felt the call of the wild entrepreneurial world. Helping them to find the courage to pursue their dreams, seize the opportunities they saw all around them – and take control their personal destinies.

To learn more about his latest book, “The Kick in the Ass You Need,” just click here.