You’ve read the book’s title. So you’re probably wondering about a couple of things.

Like, why in the living hell did I write this? Why am I yelling at you like some kind of maniac? And why in God’s name do I seem to be so inexplicably familiar with all of your deepest hopes, dreams and fears?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Because I’m you.

Or at least, I once was.

For I too once found myself trapped in the corporate world just like you. Unhappy as hell. But frozen in place. Afraid to make a move. Filled with the depressing belief that there was no way for me to ever get out of there. That I was doomed to work in that godawful place – or some other just-as-godawful corporate hell-hole – forever.

Just like you, I was convinced that I had no choice but to put up with all of the same crap you’re forced to endure on the daily. The bullshit rules, the waste-of-time meetings, the ridiculous hierarchies, the infuriating politics, the idiotic decisions, the tyrannical bosses, the bloated bureaucracies, and the total lack of control over what you actually worked on.

Every day seemed like a month.

So, yeah, I can relate to your frustration. Along with your profound lack of fulfillment, purpose, freedom and control. Because I felt all of those as deeply as you do today, if not more. It’s a terrible way to waste so many hours of the only life you’ll ever get to live on Earth.

But I’m here to tell you something.

There’s another way.

One far, far better, in my moderately humble opinion.

I know it’s hard to see that now.

Because I sure as hell couldn’t. Although I was intensely dissatisfied, I seemed incapable of doing anything about it. I knew I wanted to leave. I knew I desperately needed something to help me. I just didn’t know what it was.

But I do now.

What I so desperately needed was a Kick in the Ass.

I desperately needed the book I’ve gone on to write. Which is, of course, precisely why I went on to write it.

So if I yell at you a little too harshly throughout the course of my fine tome, just remember. In many ways, I’m yelling at my former self. Telling him what he didn’t want to hear. But absolutely needed to know.

Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to get said boot in the keister. Propelling me headfirst and almost out-of-control into the wild and woolly entrepreneurial world.

Yes, it was touch and go at first. But it was clear from almost day one that my new life was going to be the most frickin’ wonderful way to live on Earth.

And now I’m back. Back to report to you from the other side of possibility. A possibility you’ve been considering for so long.

And one that I’m here to confirm is as liberating and wonderful as you’ve imagined in your dreams.

But if you want to get there, then you need to get your own Kick in the Ass.

Like I did, so many years ago.

And oh, B-T-Dubs, you’re not the first person I’ve been driven to evangelize. Nope.

For years, in addition to running my businesses, I’ve served as a personal consultant to countless people just like you. I call them “wantrepreneurs.” People who want to launch their business with every molecule in their body. But who, just like you, just can’t seem to get themselves to pull that trigger.

I’ve had the true pleasure of working with so many of them. Building up their confidence, showing them the world’s real possibilities – and citing many of the examples you’ll find in my book. Pushing, prodding and cajoling. Whatever it took. For I know the final reward.

And few things in my life has given me more happiness than the fact that so many of them finally bit that proverbial bullet and turned the startup that had previously existed only in their fantasies into the startup of their actual, real and cash-producing realities.

Some have gone on to create sweet little solopreneurships – whereas others have created companies that have grown to be quite massive. They’ve all had their challenges and setbacks, of course.

But not one has ever regretted their decision. Or looked back and wished they were still trapped where they used to be.

Not. One.

And neither will you.

You have steps before that you will need to take in order to bring your visions to final fruition.

But you can probably guess which one I would recommend first.

Which means you need to move your cursor down to the hyperlinked line down below.

So you can get “The Kick in the Ass You Need.”